Friday, May 15, 2009

You know why the enonomy is so bad? Global warming.

Global warming. Are things getting warmer? Sure. Winters used to be a lot colder around here. So do I believe in global warming? Yes. The earth is getting warmer. Do I believe it is the fault of all things combustible (cars, power plants, cow flatulence)? I don't know. But I am skeptical.

I remember 16 years ago when I started college. Scientists and activists were crying to all who would listen that within 10 years we would all be underwater. Global warming was happening that fast. Seems to me the same people are crying the same game and predicting that in 10 know.

Do we need to start taking steps to more Eco-friendly transportation? Absolutely. Do we need to take drastic steps that could further cripple our economy, put people out of work, and saddle me with the burden of keeping up with carbon credits? I don't think so.

(Aside: Whatever position Al Gore takes I take the opposite. Seems like a good rule of thumb.)

Joke of the day
What did Al Gore do with all of his carbon credits?
He battered them, fried them, dipped them in lard and ate them. With yeast rolls.

The science behind this seems too political. There are too many agendas and not enough facts. Take a deep breath. Frankie says "Relax". And just in case stock up on sunscreen and life boats.


Jamie said...

What are the names of those scientists and activists that were "crying?" Huh? I want names.

However, props for getting greener and possibly bluer :)

Joseph said...

1. John Jacob Greenbrier, PHD UConn.
2. Phillip Martaveous Goldblatt, Smith Hill Institute of Technology
3. Your mother.

I was 19 you psycho. But don't you remember how the "hole in the ozone layer" was going to kill us all in 1993-1994. Or were you too busy trying to match accessories with the Blossum hat you had to notice?

Ben said...

They make Blossom hats that big?!

Also, inard is the word required to post this.

Lance said...

Read this...