Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Music of your youth.

I have a theory. Well I have more than one. But only one I will postulate here for your perusal.

"If the music you liked when you were young was good music you will like it when you are older. If the music was more about style and attitude than music then you will not like it near as much when you are older." (by older I mean once the frontal lobe in your brain pan developes sometime in your early 20's)

This theory is born out of my own personal experience.

Huey Lewis and the News. This was my favorite band growing up. Was hooked when I bought Sports. This was the first album I bought with my own money. Great songs include The Heart of Rock and Roll, Bad is Bad, I Want a New Drug, Doing It All for My Baby, Naturally, Jacob's Ladder, and of course The Power of Love from the Back to the Future soundtrack. Their concert in Birmingham in 1987 was my first rock concert. I still like this band because the music was quality. The video below was from that tour. I was in 7th grade.

Now that music is as good today as it was then. If you disagree you are probably one of those people that think the White Stripes is the best band of the planet.

There were other bands I liked way back then. Most notably hair metal. I still like it but it is more about nostalgia for a simpler time and not for much music.

What bands did you like? Which ones are embarrassing now?


Edward G. Roberts said...

My first love affair occurred during the time that album was popular... and completely in my head. That music reminds me of what a pathetic dork I was around the girl upon which I tried to fling my crush. Heart at Six Flags was the first concert I attended, also attended by aforementioned crushee. Van Halen was another favorite, although they've stunk now for far longer than they rocked. Same category for Metallica. I didn't like the Hair Metal bands back then but, strangely enough, I like them now. We're Not Gonna Take It (they were talking taxes, right?); Rock Me (now there was a band that could burn down the house - I didn't just say that); Bang Your Head (I guess that one was a Hair-Club-For-Men Metal band, judging by Kevin DuBrow's hairline). All-in-all, though, the only concert I've been to that was attended by everything from ten-gallon hats to blue mohawks was Johnny Cash. At the end of the day they all aspire to be J.C.

Chris Barnette said...

First concert for me was Foghat and Cheap Trick back in 78 yes that’s right 78, I also saw Van Halen open for Ted Nugent that year. Needless to say I think that’s the last time Van Halen opened up for anybody. Some of the best concerts I have seen were Iron Maiden, Kiss, Metallica and Ac/Dc…. Groups I’ve always wanted to see were Led Zeppelin and Ozzy. Groups I liked but are now embarrassed about are Air Supply and Culture club..Yes I’m straight but back in the day the girls liked those groups so I had to put up with them. Also the cool thing about “new drug” is the guitar solo with the “purple haze” riff in the middle of it.

E.R Quite Riot really kicked A** back then along with Van Halen, Ratt and the Crue but your right thoses days are long gone. As far as Metallica goes I think they started going down after the “load” Cd plus Lars turned me off with all that Napster mess.