Monday, May 11, 2009


Kara thought this was funny. I was dressed like her. Notice the horns. Kara had these also. Billy was frightened. This will most likely come up in counseling later.

This could be the reason for the blog below. A baby changes everything. Including the normal shape of a human being.

Humor. Sense of. My wife's is broken. She laughs all of the time. She doesn't like jokes. I take that back. She likes the really corny jokes that my pastor tells on Sunday mornings. These crack her up. But the cerebral humor of Little Johnny jokes escape her.

Her brother Kevin is really funny. Especially if you think bleating like a goat giving birth is funny. Kara thinks this is the funniest think ever.

I say all of that to say this. My wife doesn't think I'm funny most of the time. This really pains me because of the importance I place on being funny. I would rather a person walk away after meeting me and thinking to themselves, "That is one funny dude." I would rather people think me funny than smart for two reasons.

1. Smart people have high expectations placed on them. Stupid people are rarely asked for their opinion and rarely asked for directions.

2. When you are born you are either smart or dumb. Funny is a thing you have to cultivate in the garden of your soul, like a fine crop of grapes that are turned into a fine wine through skill and knowledge.

Now to know the love of my life does not think I am funny is a disconcerting thing for me.

It has to be one thing. She has a sense of humor disability. She is sense of humor disabled. So I will endeavor to make her smile the best I can and pity her disability. I will no longer be discouraged when I am spinning comic gold and their is no recognition in her eyes acknowledging my geeneeus.


Margo Redding said...

Little Johnny jokes are HILARIOUS!! If it's any consolation, we (my family and I) think you are funny.

Joseph said...

It is consolation as I think ya'll are quite funny also. I would have liked to have known Little Johnny.

Jamie said...

Kara thinks I'm funny so CLEARLY she has not lost her sense of humor.

Joseph said...

I love it when you make my point when you don't even try.

Ben said...

I'm funny.

At least the Star Trek nerds thought so.