Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Worst Band Ever.

This could have been my first band. Except they have instruments. And place to play. Our drummer would play cardboard boxes. And he was awesome then. None of the guitar players had guitars. I had a Casio Keyboard and was the only one who knew anything about music. And we were better than this. At least Bubba could sing.

For those of you that don't know this is The Final Countdown by Europe. The following is what it is supposed to sound like.

Very many special thanks to my brother in law Kevin. I think this may have actually been his first band. On second thought no. They were better than this.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I can't watch that - it's too painful.

The Final Countdown is the way my phone wakes me up every morning. That's just a random tidbit of information.

Shawn Stinson said...

Worst Band!? are you kidding me? Did you not see that stage presence? It's not easy to walk back and forth like that so many times. And what about his vocal skill? I'm impressed by his ability to sing in a completely different key than everyone is playing. Thats not as easy to do as it seems. And I think the best part, the sound guy in the red shorts coming out from backstage to see if the guitar amps were working. My message to him "Oh yeah, balding sound man. We can hear it and we're ready for the rocking guitar solo.".

Edward G. Roberts said...

Wow, a band worse than Europe. I... I didn't know it was possible. But - and I may be dating myself here - I suddenly have the urge to wander around in an oval on rollerskates.