Friday, October 1, 2010

Morgan Freeman Young.

This is not a post (as the title would suggest) about what I would name my 3rd born if my last name were young.

Chris Rock asked a question I have never been able to answer until today.

Has Morgan Freeman ever been young?

The answer is yes.  In the 70's.

Have a great weekend.

Roll Tide!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Movies I thought were good but turned out to be bad.

I have always loved movies.  Books too.  I like to escape to a place I will never go and experience a world as a person I will never be.  I am a re-reader.  If I like a book I will read it several times.  If I like a movie I will watch it over and over again.  I have read "Boy's Life" something like 5 times.  I have seen "Dumb and Dumber" over 30 times.  The neat thing about revisiting these classics is catching the little things you missed the first few times.  Like when Lloyd asks the waitress at the diner what the soup dejour is and she says, "It's the soup of the day." completely dead pan.  Lloyd then says, "That sounds good.  I'll have that."  Genius.  Pure GEEENYUSS. 

Good books and good movies get better after repeated readings and viewings.

The opposite is true of bad books and movies. 

I never re-read a bad book.  But I will re-watch a bad movie sometimes because they come on USA or TBS.  One exception to a bad movie getting worse is "Road House".  This is a bad movie but it keeps getting better every time it is on CMT.  It will be late at night and I am getting ready to go to bed and I scan past CMT and see "Roadhouse" on and I know I am up for another 2 hours.  ("Don't eat the big white mint.")

The following is a list of movies I used to think were good but now realize they are bad.

1.  The Notebook:  Good acting.  So-so story.  Rachel McAdams.  What's not to like?  Nobody fights as much as those people and still like each other.  There is one piece of advice I give to dating couples.  If you fight more than you don't it is time to end it.  Because marriage always makes problems go away.  Yeah right.  If this dude had married that girl in the real world he would have killed her before year two was over.  On the bright side neither one of them would have ended up in a nursing home.
I watched this one with Kara.  She said I would like it.  I was crying at the end and she was inconsolable.  I mean she was a wreck.  I hate it when  movie makes me cry about people I don't even like. 

2.  Conan The Barbarian:  I shouldn't have watched this as a kid but I did.  I watched it again this summer.  Ahnuld made this movie before he learned to act.  (Did I actually just type that?)  Anyhow...this was a horrible movie.  At one point he is fighting and he spends 3 minutes of film making Ahnuld noises.  Think the noises he made in Total Recall when he face was getting ready to explode on Mars.  For 3 minutes. 
Best quote from the movie: 
Mongol General: "What is best in life?"

Conan: "To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women."
To hear this line from Ahnuld's mouth is like music.  At least he could say lamentations.

3. Titanic:  Beautiful looking movie.  Great acting.  Good score.  Kate Winslett.  What's not to like?  Just one little thing that ruined the movie for me after thinking about it.  Toward the end of the movie when the old woman is standing on the back of the boat and she takes the necklace and throws it into the ocean.  What a selfish old hag.  I would have loved it if Bill Paxton's character would have walked around the corner about the same time as she was putting the necklace overboard.  Then I would have loved it if he screamed like a crazy person and thrown her after it.  Then throwing stuff at her every time she surfaced.  "Don't even think about coming back aboard until you have a necklace or $20,000,000.  And you did let go.  Hag."

4.  Pretty in Pink:  Molly Ringwald whines on the first date almost non-stop.  They get in an argument.  On the first date.  If I'm the rich guy I drop her off in front of her house 20 minutes in. 

There are plenty of others I am sure.  I can't really remember. 

Are there any movies you now realize steam with badness after a repeated viewing?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Post # 100. "I gave my last $10.00 to a hooker."

This is post #100. 99 times before this I have not told this story. My good friends know it. I told it at church one time. From the pulpit.

This happened while Kara and I were still dating so it was at least 14 or 15 years ago. I was living in Bessemer. She was living in Corner. It was late and I was getting off I-59 at 18th street in Bessemer. It was about 2:00 AM. I notice a woman standing on the corner of the ramp and 19th street. She is all alone.

I have a policy. If I have a get a weird feeling about a person needing a ride I trust that hunch. This hunch is something my forebears used to great effectiveness whilst not getting eaten by sabre-tooth tigers.

I do not get the sabre-tooth vibe when I pull up. She is wearing modest jean shorts (Jorts if you will) and an Auburn t-shirt. (I am making up the part about the Auburn t-shirt* but it does add a certain something to the visual doesn't it) She was alone and I thought it was dangerous for her to be standing on the side of the road in Bessemer at 2:00 in the morning. So I roll down the window and ask, "Do you need a ride?"
She said yes and walked around and got in the car. The following is a transcript of the conversation that ensued.

Me: Where are you going.
Her: I don't know. (Pause) So do you want to fool around or something because I need some money.

This is where a good Christian and minister of the Gospel would have stepped up to the plate and walked through the door He opened and shared had the right words to say. Jesus definitely would have had something to say. He did it all the time.

 I'm not sure I'm a good Christian or not. My father is fond of saying he has tried all his life just to be a bad Christian. And the Gospel is not what went through my head. What went through my head was all of the images I have seen of prostitutes on TV. None of those images featured Jorts. Not. Even. One. There was no Huggy Bear standing off to the side. No high heels. Just a woman in Jorts, Auburn t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

(Transcript continued)

Me: No ma'am. (There's no point in being rude and forgetting my manners is there?)

Me: Are you hungry? Do you need something to eat?
Her: Yes.

So I pulled into a convenience store not far down the road and reached for my wallet. All I had was $10.00. I gave it to her and drove away, mind reeling.

I had just been solicited by a prostitute. Not only that I had been solicited by a prostitute in my car. At 2:00 in the morning.

It is early Sunday morning and I go home and go to sleep. I wake up and go to church and never once tell anyone my story of the night before. My mother was at church that morning. After the service she asked if I wanted to go and get something to eat. I had been waiting to unleash the line in my head all morning and here was the chance.

Me: Yes but you are going to have to pay for it. I don't have any money because I gave my last $10.00 to a hooker last night."

There were several people standing around while this line hit the air. Everyone stopped what they were talking about and looked at me. Including my pastor, Roy Hill. I told the story of being propositioned and relayed my shock at how she did not look like anything I had expected. Nothing like Starskey and Hutch. That was when a woman I went to high school with delivered the best line on the subject.

"You didn't even get a back rub?"

* Note:  The woman holding the Auburn T-Shirt is Kathryn Tucker Windham of Thirteen Ghosts of Alabama fame.  This was chilling stuff for a small tike like me back in the day @ Greenwood Elementary.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Very First Web Giveaway

I am a sucker for a good story.  Everyone has at one good one.  My father is an encyclopedia of stories about flying planes dangerously.  He and a companion we beat up by a bar full of people that wanted them to bleed.  Bill says that before he blocked out he saw round face and punched it.  As he was coming to he was being dragged out of the bar.  One of the dudes mentioned that he was a heavy son of bad word some people call women.  He has had a beer or 10 with Truman Capote at the Tide and Tiger out side of Legion field in Birmingham.

My stories pale in comparison.

But I do have stories that are funny.  People I have met in nearly 20 years of ministry that crack me up.  And not in a good way.  I have met ministers that I wanted to punch out and I have met sincere brothers and sisters that still make me feel inadequate to the task given me. 

I have loved a few women that broke my heart and found one that put it back together so it fits nicely with hers. 

These are stories that we all have in us. They just want to get out. 

Herein lies my challenge to you dear reader: 
1.  Send me a story.  Let it be honest.  It doesn't have to be a long one.  It doesn't have to be short.  It has to be true. 
2.  If the story invovles me and I did something that changed you life, good or bad, you will get extra points.
3.  If you follow The Blog-o-Log you get extra points.
4.  If you follow me on the Twitter you get extra point and extra nuggets of widsom for your day.  Win/win in my book.

The Prize will be a paper back copy of my favorite book, "Boy's Life." by Robert McCammon.  He is a local writer who made it big telling stories of horror.  "Boy's Life." is nothing like the rest of his cataloge.

The winner will have this book signed (by me of course because I don't know Bobby Mac at all.

Deadline for submissions will be September 10 and precisely 5:17.

These stories need to be told.

Vaya con Dios mis amigos.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things Chinese Christians Don't Worry About.

I recently heard about a pastor who called his deacons together and told them they would no longer be allowed to serve as a deacon if they used tobacco products. 4 promptly resigned. This in turn prompted me to ask this question of myself. "Does the church in China worry about this kind of stuff?"

There are 2 reasons I would mention the church in China.
1. It is being persecuted.
2. It is growing almost exponentially.

These are two things that cannot be said for the church in America. There are many reasons for this. The church is America is comfortable. And when people get comfortable they tend to worry about silly crap.

The following is a list of things Chinese Christians probably don't worry about all that much. This list has not been researched so please don't concern yourself with fact checking. It's all straight out of my noodle.

1. How they are dressed.
2. How long the sermon is.
3. Whether or not Myrtle (or the Chinese equivalent) is going to be on the Kitchen Committee this year.
4. How weird the kids look nowadays.
5. How loud the guitar is.
6. How everyone else is dressed.
7. Electronic Bingo.
8. How the Pastor is not feeding them. (At some point you have to feed yourself there Baby Huey.)
9. How the shades do not match the carpet.
10. Most of the stuff we American Christians fight about.

Does it sound like I might be a bit of a bad mood? Nah.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Absolute Faithfulness.

You might read the title of this little ditty and think I am about to talk about spiritual or marital fidelity.  You would be wrong.  I am talking about the only TV show I have followed from start to finish. 

I have watched Smallville since Episode 1 nearly 10 years ago.  This season, it's 10th, is the last one.  The following is the promo for the current season. 

You really should check out the marvelously cheesy bit of Superman entertainment.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I bet Adam had this problem.

This is a post I submitted to Stuff Christians Like for consideration as a guest poster person. I have yet to hear back from them. Maybe they hate beards too.

I think one of the first things that Eve said to Adam after they settled on the East Side was, “You really need to consider plucking those?” Or it could have been, “You need to shave that off.”

I seriously think it goes that far back. While not unique to Christians per se it is definitely more pronounced. Here are some of the things that have been said to personally, to my face, to me. (Redundancy intended)

“When are you going to get a hair cut.”

“I can’t stand a man with facial hair.” (Of all the depictions of Jesus out there I am sure the only thing we can say for sure is he had a beard...)

“You not tucking in your shirt sends a horrible message to the youth of this church.” (Me being too fat to tuck my shirt in might worse.)

“I can’t handle it when your beard gets that long.” (I have been known to grow a beard long enough to hind a shank in. You just never know when that might come in handy.)

“You looked so nice last Sunday. If you tried you could look that nice every Sunday.” (This is my personal favorite.)

All of the people who made these comments had 2 things in common: They weren’t men and they weren’t my mother.

Why do these nice women think it is OK to do this? All of them said these things to me were sincere and earnest. Now imagine me saying these things to the same women with the same sincerity and earnestness.

“Gee I really like your hair when you let a professional fix it.”

“Those pants would look better if they were at least 12” below your armpits although it will be increasingly difficult to reach over your shoulder and get stuff out of your back pocket.”

“I like your mustache.”

“I love your hair. Where ever did you get that color? Should I go to the Ms. Clairol section and look for the bottle labeled Wayne Newton?”

There are at least two reasons why I only think these things.

1. There is not enough political capitol in this world for me to be able to say any of the above.

2. The possibility that I could grieve the Holy Spirit.

Do these sweet little ladies not know I am a delicate flower who may have issues with my body and I am trying to resolve said issues through baggier clothing? That I don’t wear suits often because I sweat like Whitney Houston? That I grow a beard because it gives the illusion of a chin? But it all goes back to the beginning I believe.

Eve (to Adam): Did that loincloth match when you left the house this morning?

Chalk another one up to original sin.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zach Brown Band

This is my favorite new band.  They give me hope.  Because talent and hard work won out over looks.  And they are an amazing live band.  Currently touring with the Dave Matthews Band.  I would travel and pay to see this show.

Below is a live ditty by the ZBB.  Hope you enjoy it.

And he has a very cool beard.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I watched "The Deadliest Catch" last Tuesday.  This is the episode where Phil Harris died. 

If you haven't watched this show Capt. Phil was the foul-mouthed, chain-smoking captain of one of the boats.  OK this probably describes all of the captains but he smoked more that most. 

He really died back in February so it has been a slow build to what happened last week all season long.  If you have not seen this episode here is all I have to say about it.

As far as I am concerned all reality TV will forever be judged against this episode of this show and forever be found lacking.  Language is a little salty.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I got the opportunity to preach last night at Westwood Baptist.  I did several things I don't normally do.

1.  Wore a short sleeved polo (tucked in) and jeans.
2.  Had a cup of nice cold Coca-Cola on the pulpit.  Most thought it was water.  Sweet nectar of the gods.
3.  Made the Sunday night crowd laugh.  We were talking about prayer in general and the Lord's Prayer specifically.  Jesus told his disciples, "When you pray, pray like this...".  I was on the point where Jesus talked about asking for our daily bread.  I said it was a good thing that God supplies our daily bread and not necessarily weekly alotments because it is probable that I would eat it all at once and might weigh close to 1700 lbs. by now.  No need to sugar coat it because I would probably eat that too.

No one's head exploded and I think I communicated the Word with truth and boldness. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ben Hamaker

"I dub thee. . . Thor! Odinson and master of the Thunder!"
". . . did you just name one of your puppies Thor?"
". . . maybe."
"That's so, just, ugh."
"Then I probably shouldn't tell you about Fenrir and Ragnarok."
This was a Facebook post by my friend Ben Hamaker.  He doesn't blog all that much because he is too busy playing WOW and raising the IQ average of the Walker County Wal-Mart to worry about such things.  He probably stole this from someone else but this is beside the point. 

I just thought this was very funny.
My comment on his post was this:
"My dad told me I was concieved by lightning. Easier than the real talk to be sure."
You should check out his blogs.  They are old and they ramble.  And they are so grammatical they might make your teeth ache.  But they are also very good.  Just click on his names.

And yes this is an actual picture of him.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things I wouldn't admit to when I was 17.

There are things I can admit now that I'm 36 (with 37 just around the corner) that I would never have admitted to when I was 17.  One of the most unfortunate things about being a 17 year old male in Western society is an oppressively need to be cool.  This sad fact may be a fact across cultures.  Imagine 17 year old Adibi from some random tribe in Africa.  He is going to do whatever it takes to look good and be the man in order to secure a mate.  He'll have to kill a lion or walk across the desert or something dangerous and manly.  17 year old Joseph on the other hand has to keep the appearance of cool.  Lest he look like less than a man.  The following is a list of things I would never have admitted to way back when.

1. I really liked the musical stylings of Tiffany and Debbie Gibson.

2. I wanted more than anything in this world to be Wolverine.  Not the Wolverine from the movies.  He cries.  No the one from the comic books.  He would go into a rage and black out and people would pay for messing with him.

3. There were times when I just wouldn't feel pretty.
4. This was my favorite girl from 90210.

5. I loved "Dirty Dancing".  Note: If I had a daughter who was dating a man much older than herself without my knowledge or consent I would be peeved.  If that older guy looked at me and said, "Nobody puts Baby in a corner." I would downsize his face with a framing hammer.

There are probably other things but I am going to leave those alone.  With the exception of #2 the rest add up to one thing: When I was 17 I was actually a 14 year old girl. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

People I'd Like to Have Lunch With.

1. Jesus

I would eat all of the bad things and then try to pay the bill.  But he wouldn't let me. That's how Grace rolls.

2. Ronald Reagan

I would like to talk to the guy who called the USSR the evil empire to their face.  I doubt we will ever again see a President with a chart behind him in the Oval Office again. 

3. Bill Clinton

Billy C would be an absolute hoot.

4. Elton John

When I heard Candle in the Wind off the Live from Australia w/ the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra album I knew I wanted to play the piano like that.  Without that spark I would have quit playing and I would be living in a box under a bridge.

5. Alton Brown

Because you know the dude will cook for you.  And he will explain in chemistry why country fried steak is so good.  Then he'll forge his own cast iron skillet because he doesn't like the ones you buy. 

6. Kara Kinnaird

Duh.  She's a great actress.  And she laughs at me.  And she's a great actress.

7. Someone who has walked on the moon.

The idea of stepping foot on another celestial body awes me.

8. Osama Bin Laden

We would have a nice Mediterranean omelet with feta and black olives flanked by fresh warm hummus dip and chased with a glass of sweet tea.  Then I would pop a cap in him and collect the reward.

9. Scarlett Johanssen

Because she is a great actress.

10. Bill Gates

As he is ordering I would constantly interrupt him and ask him if he is sure he wants to order what he has made up his mind to order.  Then I would paint myself blue and refuse any command he had for me.  Then I would pop and cap...wait a minute.  Sorry, wrong guy.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Reasons why I think I'm on the way to being an old fart.

I used to think it would never happen to me. I remember thinking Bill (my father) was an old fart when I was 15. And that wasn't teen angst speaking. He really was an old fart then. He would look at what I was wearing and I could see the scorn in his face. "How could anyone be so out of touch with what is really going on in the world?" I would ask myself.  I had seen pictures of him when he was younger posed next to his airplane.  He has the scars that prove he has lived an interesting life.  He walked away from a crash with an altimeter knob buried in his knee.  He has a small jar filled with stuff that he has pulled out of his body; altimeter knob and a piece of glass that was in his arm for 50 years from a car crash that claimed the lives of his front teeth.  "This is the only thing left of that '50 Ford." he said with some satisfaction.  The crash happened when he was 16.  He dug the glass out of his arm when he was in his 60's.  The only thing I have that comes close is a kidney stone I passed in the shower.  I don't think this even compares.  And yet as cool as all of these things are he still was an old fart to me when I was 15.  This could never happen to me.

I was wrong.

Here are some reasons why I believe I am well on my way to being an old fart.

1. I don't listen to Pop stations anymore.  Why?  Because it is mostly soulless and pointless.  I need to keep in mind the fact that when I was 15 my main dream in life was to be a keyboard player in a hair metal band.  Like this one.

In my defense I have to say that "California Girls" by Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dog is currently stuck on repeat in my brain as I type this indictment.

2. I loathe skinny jeans.  On guys.  On girls.  On mannequins.  Jesse Crowe's nephew was wearing a pair of these and Jesse asked him if they sold guy's pants where he bought those.  Keep in mind I looked like this when I was 15.

I also think khaki goes with everything.

3. My car is nothing more than transportation.  When I was 16 a car was the ultimate expression of the man.  Keep in mind this was my first car.

My current ride is a 1994 Honda Civic that looks like Tom Hanks near the end of "Philadelphia".

It also has no front bumper.  I do not feel the need to replace it at this time.

4. I think this hair cut is ridiculous. 

I have told my students at Westwood to look at the haircuts they have now.  I guaranteed them they would look back on it and wonder what they were thinking when they are 30.  Keep in mind this is the way I looked when I was 15.

5. I have a seat at church I think of as mine.
6. I hurt most of the time for no reason I can currently discern.
7. I have for the most part given up daily grooming.  I trim my beard only when it starts going in my mouth when I eat.

8. I have used the phrase "When I was your age..." more than once.  And I did not use it to be funny.  When I was your age we had cassette tapes and we liked it.  When I was your age Taco Bell was good.  When I was your age I had to call people when I got home.  When I was your age I talked to people, I didn't text people.
9. I don't text people.
10. I get angry when people don't vote.
11. I talk to the TV news when they are talking about stupid things.

There are probably many other things that you could add to the list.  Feel free.  I only ask one thing.  If you are going to insult me you have to click on an add on this blog.  The Blog-O-Log is going to pay for the new NCAA 2011 game coming out in July.

At least I do not get angry when kids are on my lawn.  Not yet at least.

Friday, June 25, 2010

List of stars without makeup

I recently did this little bit on a Wednesday for the kiddos at Westwood.  Yeah this was driven by purpose.

This is the lovely Jessica Alba with makeup.

This is her without makeup.  Still lovely.

Jennifer Anniston with.

Jennifer Anniston without.  Still pretty but....

Eva Longoria with...

Eva Longoria with out....Is that a mustache?

Sarah Jessica Parker with...

Sarah Jessica Parker without...

This is actually Ann Coulter with a horse face.  But I thought it was the best.  Shawn Stinson and I went to see Iron Man 2 several weeks ago and I saw the Poster for SATC II and said, "Cool.  A Mr. Ed remake is on the way!!"  Shawnie thought it was mean.

Madonna with...

Madonna without....

Lady Gaga with...

Lady Gaga without...

And last but not least Lady Gaga in the future @ 60 years old...

Here's to hoping you have a wonderful Friday.