Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teenagers aren't stupid. Their brains are just retarded.

It's not that they are stupid exactly. Their brains are just not fully developed. I heard Jamie say (and she heard it on Oprah so it must therefore be true) that the front part of the brain the governs rational thought and decision making is not fully formed until the early 20's. I think it might be safe to say that for some people this part of the brain never fully develops.

Now knowing this I, from time to time, will give the students at Westwood a chance to ask me a religious question. If it is about God, Christianity, or the Christian life in general they get to ask. This should cause you to question the development of the front part of my brain more than is normal.

Honest questions abounded. I am more than happy to answer questions of people that are generally interested in the answer. I got the sense all of the questions last night were of this variety. Questions about Revelation, Salvation, homosexuality, heterosexuality, and other stuff that makes the undeveloped teenage brain go, "Huh?"

One of the senior girls was showing off prom pics and I noticed one of the dudes was wearing a black baseball cap with his black prom suit. When I mentioned (sarcastically) how I thought it was awesome he was wearing his "go to church" baseball hat for prom the senior girl said she thought it was cool. I informed her the reason she thought this was cool was her undeveloped brain.


Ben said...

How come so many in the youth group are failing English?! We're born speaking it. You're going to have to tell me your opinion on why they're so lacking in their grammatical skills there. ^_^

Jamie said...

First, I didn't hear it JUST on Oprah. I also heard it in my graduate course on human development and several trainings in my field of SOCIAL WORK. Doofus.

Second, question time with Joseph is amusing. I now know that first hand.

Joseph said...

Ben: Because studying English grammar is boring. I would rather study human developement or social work.

Jamie: Then it absolutely has to be true.

Ben said...

Hehe, the leave a comment thing says 'Artiwook,' lol.

Yup. Because grammar IS pretty useless.