Monday, May 18, 2009


You can thank Chris Barnette for this post.

What is it about certain celebrities that makes them think the rest of the world should care what they think. And why is it that only liberals fall under this delusion. I am trying to think of a conservative celebrity who is like this and am drawing a blank. I am not saying they are not out there I just can't think of one. If you know of one who is like some of the people below let me know.

There are people not considered for this list because it is their job to give their opinions.

-Comedians: Chris Rock, Dennis Miller, George Carlin, Bill Maher (I thought funny was supposed to be one of those resume qualifications to be a comedian.)

-Talk show hosts: Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, any and all of the people who have ever hosted The View (with one really noticable exception), John Stewart, Stephen Colbert.


This list (while not actually a list it is a group of pictures which is taking the place of an actual list) is strictly for people that are not paid for their opinions: actors, musicians, and Gary Busey.


Chris Barnette said...


Thanks for the shout out :-) But I believe Dennis Miller is a conservative, or at least he plays one on Fox News. Your right if I want to hear a celebs opinion I would watch a talk show or visit their website. I couldn’t imagine paying good money to see a concert just to have the artist trash everything you believe in. I’m amazes me how these clowns think just because they are famous and have some money that they are now experts on World affairs and the other hot topics of the day. Good post Brother..

Joseph said...

Dennis Miller is conservative. It just seems to me that the loudest people out there are also liberals. Are their any loudmouth conservative celebs out there? Other than people paid to give an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever listened to John Reuben? Probably not. He has a song called Follow Your Leader. You should check it out - you probably won't like it - but I think it suits this post fine.

Arrogant men in power sure are frustrating
On a pedestal you hear them ranting and raving
Proudly proclaiming what they know nothing about
I hear you talking loud but I will not allow
Tinsel Town to show me how to run my life
Sure you can sing and dance
But that don't mean that you're qualified to give America advice
Ignore any grammatical errors - if you listen to the song, you'll know why.

Ben said...

There (as in "There is Amy and Brad's car!"), their (as in "Did you just key their car?!"), and they're (Holy crap, they're coming!)- differences that are important, my friend.