Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kate Gosselin is a bad mother?

Dear Lord this can't be right?

Just saw a list on AOL that says that Kate Gosselin (Jon and Kate + 8) is one of the worst mothers on reality TV. Right up there with the Kardasians mother and Janice Dickenson. Why would they say this?

Because she nags at her husband and screams at her kids. Heck Kara did this during a 20 second phone conversation with me this morning. Does this make her a bad mother?

She has eight kids. Eight!! OCHO!!! Six of the little monsters are the same age. I don't care if she has hired a nanny. The people that made this list obviously don't have any children much less a freaking litter. If God had meant for people to have more than 2 or 3 at a time he would have given women six breasts.

Kara and I only have two and we have considered eating them in the past week. You want to know why parents scream at their kids? Because the little turds can't understand English under a certain decibel level when they are doing something they shouldn't.

You want to know what Kara requested for Mothers Day? Sure you do.
1. A cup of coffee.
2. A chocolate cake doughnut from Kripsey Kreme.
3. To be away from the men in her life for the rest of the afternoon. What kind of mother doesn't want to be with her children on Mother's Day? The kind that's raising Kinnairds.

Kate is a bad mother? Nope. She is a woman trying to make the best of an insane situation. I bet she would take an afternoon away from her litter if the cameras weren't rolling.

No. This lady is a bad mom.


Kristi said...


1. Pregnant bellies gross me out.
2. Pregnant bellies that are larger than the mother herself gross me out more.
3. Your belly grosses me out the most.

Ben said...

Context- sometimes, it's important.

Ben said...

Also, I replied to youabledis on my writing blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't want a Chocolate Cake Donut. I want a Chocolate covered Donut. I think I'm done with the Cake donuts - recent bad experience at Krispy Kreme. Anyway, the more sugar the better!

Jamie said...

I'm with Kristi. Some photos enhance a blog. Some do not.

Anonymous said...

I love Jon and Kate.

But that last picture made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.