Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things Chinese Christians Don't Worry About.

I recently heard about a pastor who called his deacons together and told them they would no longer be allowed to serve as a deacon if they used tobacco products. 4 promptly resigned. This in turn prompted me to ask this question of myself. "Does the church in China worry about this kind of stuff?"

There are 2 reasons I would mention the church in China.
1. It is being persecuted.
2. It is growing almost exponentially.

These are two things that cannot be said for the church in America. There are many reasons for this. The church is America is comfortable. And when people get comfortable they tend to worry about silly crap.

The following is a list of things Chinese Christians probably don't worry about all that much. This list has not been researched so please don't concern yourself with fact checking. It's all straight out of my noodle.

1. How they are dressed.
2. How long the sermon is.
3. Whether or not Myrtle (or the Chinese equivalent) is going to be on the Kitchen Committee this year.
4. How weird the kids look nowadays.
5. How loud the guitar is.
6. How everyone else is dressed.
7. Electronic Bingo.
8. How the Pastor is not feeding them. (At some point you have to feed yourself there Baby Huey.)
9. How the shades do not match the carpet.
10. Most of the stuff we American Christians fight about.

Does it sound like I might be a bit of a bad mood? Nah.


Jamie said...

They also don't worry whether hymns sound like songs from HeeHaw. BECAUSE THEY PROBABLY DON'T SOUND LIKE THAT.

Joseph said...

No Jamie. If their Hymns sound anything like their music they sound like something being killed in the key of atonal.

Chris Barnette said...

We could learn alot from our Chinese Brothers..good stuff