Friday, July 9, 2010

Ben Hamaker

"I dub thee. . . Thor! Odinson and master of the Thunder!"
". . . did you just name one of your puppies Thor?"
". . . maybe."
"That's so, just, ugh."
"Then I probably shouldn't tell you about Fenrir and Ragnarok."
This was a Facebook post by my friend Ben Hamaker.  He doesn't blog all that much because he is too busy playing WOW and raising the IQ average of the Walker County Wal-Mart to worry about such things.  He probably stole this from someone else but this is beside the point. 

I just thought this was very funny.
My comment on his post was this:
"My dad told me I was concieved by lightning. Easier than the real talk to be sure."
You should check out his blogs.  They are old and they ramble.  And they are so grammatical they might make your teeth ache.  But they are also very good.  Just click on his names.

And yes this is an actual picture of him.

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Anonymous said...

I love this post <3