Monday, July 12, 2010


I got the opportunity to preach last night at Westwood Baptist.  I did several things I don't normally do.

1.  Wore a short sleeved polo (tucked in) and jeans.
2.  Had a cup of nice cold Coca-Cola on the pulpit.  Most thought it was water.  Sweet nectar of the gods.
3.  Made the Sunday night crowd laugh.  We were talking about prayer in general and the Lord's Prayer specifically.  Jesus told his disciples, "When you pray, pray like this...".  I was on the point where Jesus talked about asking for our daily bread.  I said it was a good thing that God supplies our daily bread and not necessarily weekly alotments because it is probable that I would eat it all at once and might weigh close to 1700 lbs. by now.  No need to sugar coat it because I would probably eat that too.

No one's head exploded and I think I communicated the Word with truth and boldness. 

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