Thursday, July 1, 2010

People I'd Like to Have Lunch With.

1. Jesus

I would eat all of the bad things and then try to pay the bill.  But he wouldn't let me. That's how Grace rolls.

2. Ronald Reagan

I would like to talk to the guy who called the USSR the evil empire to their face.  I doubt we will ever again see a President with a chart behind him in the Oval Office again. 

3. Bill Clinton

Billy C would be an absolute hoot.

4. Elton John

When I heard Candle in the Wind off the Live from Australia w/ the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra album I knew I wanted to play the piano like that.  Without that spark I would have quit playing and I would be living in a box under a bridge.

5. Alton Brown

Because you know the dude will cook for you.  And he will explain in chemistry why country fried steak is so good.  Then he'll forge his own cast iron skillet because he doesn't like the ones you buy. 

6. Kara Kinnaird

Duh.  She's a great actress.  And she laughs at me.  And she's a great actress.

7. Someone who has walked on the moon.

The idea of stepping foot on another celestial body awes me.

8. Osama Bin Laden

We would have a nice Mediterranean omelet with feta and black olives flanked by fresh warm hummus dip and chased with a glass of sweet tea.  Then I would pop a cap in him and collect the reward.

9. Scarlett Johanssen

Because she is a great actress.

10. Bill Gates

As he is ordering I would constantly interrupt him and ask him if he is sure he wants to order what he has made up his mind to order.  Then I would paint myself blue and refuse any command he had for me.  Then I would pop and cap...wait a minute.  Sorry, wrong guy.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

1. I like your pic of Jesus. That's exactly how He looks in my mind.

2. Elton John would eat all the bread.

3. At least Bill Gates would feel obligated to pay.