Tuesday, April 14, 2009


You know why pirates are so great?

They just ARRRRRRR!

Get it?

Pirates have been on the attack as of late. I just read an article on AOL that said Somali pirates were emboldened by the recent failure of some of their comrades in arms. US snipers are really good that way.

You know how I know you're stupid. Thumbing your nose at the US Navy. I am interested in seeing how our country will deal with this. It is more of an annoyance than anything. This enemy is more to my liking. Terrorist want to die. Their reward is endless virgins in heaven. Pirates don't want to die. They can be reasoned with. But I did just hear they are not messing with US ships. This shows a capacity for learning.


Jamie said...

This blog would have just been a news report without your fine selection of pictures.

Brian Williams should take note.

Chris Barnette said...

I never really understood the endless virgins in heaven deal. Seems to me we have enough trouble getting one woman to understand us here on earth let alone 7 in heaven. Let me take my Xbox with me when I go and I'll be ok, hold that thought. I will need my laptop so I can twitter and blog while I'm up there also.

BTW do you know what a pirate’s favorite restaurant is? Arrrrrby's