Thursday, April 30, 2009

Difficult Children.

Billy got sent home from school yesterday. Billy got up to go to the bathroom without asking permission. Mrs. Barbara (or as Billy says, Mrs. Bwabwa) told him to sit down and ask for permission 1st. He refused. He stomped his feet and balled up his little fists and flat out refused. He got to go to the office and then he got to go home. Needless to say Kara was not pleased with this.

When I got home last night around 10:00 Billy was waiting for the discipline that I was going to bring. He told me he didn't like spankings and I told him his dislike of spankings (and discipline in general) was perfectly normal and healthy. While I have no proof for this I believe that kids that like spankings early on grow up to kill people and store their ears in jars in the pantry. At least (in my mind) Billy is not headed for that type of depravity.

We talked for a little while about what he did and I explained that he did a very bad thing and I tried to make him feel guilty for his actions. Billy is a lot like me. Guilt trips don't work as a form of manipulation.

While all of this is happening Kara is on the phone with Jamie and Catfish is pouring water all over his big brother's bed. Kara tells me to take care of it. She says she said to put the kids to bed. I did not hear this. I took care of it. I left the sheets on the bed and told Billy he was sleeping with us tonight. We then lay down in the bed and watch American Idol. Kara comes in quite angry and tells me all of the ways she found me deficient at this moment. Billy keeps trying to interrupt and I was getting ready to unleash my own list of perceived deficiencies when Billy finally tells Kara what he had been trying to say.

Billy: Mom?
Kara: What?
Billy: Actually Daddy doesn't have the energy for this right now.

God I love that kid.

Then Kara put Catfish on the bed and told me she was sleeping on the couch.

I have really difficult children.


kk said...

Why do our children tend to be good at the same time and bad at the same time? I haven't figured it out yet, but it has something to do with them trying to cause a divorce! BTW - I do love you even with your obvious flaws! haha!

Margo Redding said...

I tend to agree with my husband. He said we should be like some other animals and eat our young at birth! :-)

Jamie said...

This post supports a few of my theories:

1. You're lazy.
2. You have no hope for your youngest child by referring to him as a tragic looking animal.
3. Your difficult children are wrapped up in their parents difficult DNA.

Joseph said...

1. Your feet stink.
2. Jesus doesn't love you.
3. You have gray hair.

Samantha said...

Jesus loves everyone you jerk.

Billy is still one of the cutest kids I know.