Friday, April 3, 2009


ER aired its last episode last night after 15 seasons. As the last scene faded to credits I was more than a little sad. Although I haven't watch it regularly in a few years I watched a few this year (including the one where Clooney came back. The only bad part of this episode was Susan Sarandon being stupid and over acting. Patrick Dempsey's got nothing on Clooney). What made me sad was knowing that it will not be on next week. It was comforting to know that whatever might change ER would be on.

I would watch ER with my mom when I was in college. We watched the episode where Dr. Green (Goose from Top Gun before he went bald) delivered a baby in the ER and accidentally killed the mother. The scene where he had to go in and tell the father broke something inside of me. ER was always good for a cry. It was always well written.

But it did end well. No explosions. No helicopters falling out of the sky and killing people. Just people getting hurt and going to the ER. No closure, just continuity.

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