Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Deadliest Catch.

Love it. Can't really explain why.

Laying in bed last night trying not to go to sleep I was watching the new season. I also liked the show on discovery where people were climbing Mt. Everest. Both of these shows portray people (men and women, but mostly men) pushing themselves to the limit, physically and mentally. Both of these shows caused me to ask myself this question.

"Could I handle that kind of thing. Would I be able to stand up under the strain?"

But there is another question at the heart of that one.

"Am I man enough?"

Are women concerned with these metaphysical questions of inferiority? Or is it a different question that speaks to the same issue. Would a woman look at Mt. Everest and say, "I want to climb that even if I lose my fingers and toes."

Another question. Is it only dudes who get hurt right after saying these words, "Hey! Check this out!"


Ben said...

When other guys are saying, "Dude, we need to try that! I just sit down and mumble something about I'm glad I brought a book. Can't lose your fingers reading.

Ben said...

Well, unless you're REALLY bad at reading.

Maybe one day one of the youth will walk into Resonate and prove me wrong?

Margo Redding said...
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Margo Redding said...

Yes, Joseph, it is only dudes who get hurt after saying, "hey, check this out". When women say these words, we are talking about a new hairstyle, new pair of shoes, new dress, new lipstick...well, you get the picture. We keep our fingers and toes intact. Nope, I would not climb Mt. Everest, I'm afraid of heights. No, I wouldn't be on a fishing boat or at sea doing anything, as I get seasick. I'm not a risk taker or an adventurer. My idea of adventure is going to Walmart without makeup....I'm just sayin'! :-)