Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dreams. Windows into our soul.

I had a dream where my band (Crowe) was playing in a bar that also served as a machine shop. On the way through the machine shop I got grease on the sweater I was wearing (one of those things that Bill Cosby used to wear)

I immediately tore out to go to Mel Gibson's travel trailer from the Lethal weapon movies. I tried on every shirt he had and they would look good until I would spy myself in the mirror and they would turn into the night gowns that Bea Arthur (God rest her soul) wore on the Golden Girls.

I finally trusted my instincts and picked the right shirt and started out the door when the phone rang. It was Mel Gibson. I said that I was touched by the Holocaust memorial that was in the front yard. I woke up and wondered if this dream made me gay.


Chris Barnette said...


I wouldn't say "Gay" I would say you were a victim of the 80's pop culture. Remember the parachute pants? Vanilla Ice ? How about trying to moon walk? When I think back to those days I also think ”how Gay was that” Or how about when guys use to wear the half shirt (you know the ones that show off your midsection), what were we thinking? Good post dude..

Kristi said...

The answer is yes. And please, dear God, don't ever wear a night gown.

Joseph said...

Chris: Oh Miami Vice. Sports coats with the sleeves rolled up.

Kristi: Dear God would never wear a nightgown.

Margo Redding said...

That's what happens when you eat spicy food right before going to bed! :-)