Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Society for Asking Stupid Questions

I am taking a short break from the stupid day I am having so far. My two cohorts here at Bagby called in sick today. Mark has shingles and Dan (my boss) is sick. While I hate it for them I hate it even more for me because I am selfish. I am the boss. Which would be cool if I were getting boss pay. Alas I am still getting parts monkey pay.

Which brings me to a short rant. I don't like being asked questions. I would prefer it if people would figure it out on their own, make up the answer that best suits their needs, or savor the freaking mystery.

Peace out. You guys are awesome. I'm outta here.


Jamie said...

So are you saying you hate it when someone says "I have a question..."?

Joseph said...

Not all of the time. Just some of the time from a lot of people and all of the time by some people.

Kristi said...

What do you say to Billy when he asks dumb questions?

I refrain from saying "stupid" because Billy always calls me out when I say that around him.

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