Tuesday, March 24, 2009

20 Things I Miss.

Just a list of random things I miss. Random being the key word.
1. Mom.
2. Riding a bike for the sheer joy of it.
3. Being old enough to think that shows like The A-Team and Knight Rider were actually good.

4. Sleeping until after the sun comes up. Waking up before the sun is almost like never going to sleep in the first place.
5. Building forts.
6. Dates. Going to the movies. Going out to eat. Just two people talking about people things and not having to worry about one of the devil spawn throwing food at people.
7. Granny's cooking. Venison, gravy, biscuits, sliced tomato from the garden, sweet tea. Heaven.
8. More Abundant. Cheesy times. Good times.
9. Teaching DiscipleNow Weekends. Alas I am too old. But I was good at it.
10. Having at least 1 hour go by without something aching.
11. My first car. 1965 AMC Rambler.

12. My second car. 1978 Mazda GLC. Mine was orange. People at school called it the Pumpkin.

13. Hair metal. That is glorious.

14. Joe Boyd. One of the best friends ever.
15. College. I won the writing award for the English Department my last semester. This really ticked some of the eggheads off.

16. Seminary. Beeson Divinity School @ Samford University. Loved this place and I want to finish so bad. I need 30 hours.

17. Ranch Hand Fillet @ Chilis.
18. Garbage Pail Kids. These were so gross. I can't remember which one this was but it involved squeezing zits and it made my stomach turn over just to look at it.

19. Cheers. "Whatcha up to Norm?" "My ideal weight if I were 12 feet tall."

20. Being able to play with GI Joes for hours and hours. This is Rock n Roll. He was the 1st Joe my parents bought me.


Lance said...

Those are good things to miss.

Kristi said...

I miss hair metal too. More the music than the actual hair. But the hair and leather are nice too. :-)

Jamie said...

1. Your mom is absolutely missable.
2. Is that possible?
4. It's my favorite thing to do every day.
6. I need to get me some of those.
8. Strangely, I miss MA too.
9. I do not miss the lack of sleep that accompanies this.
15. I do not miss the procrastination that accompanies this.
20. I miss being able to do anything for hours and hours and there be no guilt involved.

Great list.