Monday, March 30, 2009

Smile! It's Monday.

Smile. Because if you don't...well I don't know what to tell you.

Have we ever seen them in the same room?

This is for Ben. I happen to think this is the worst super hero ever. I have a ring. Instead of punching you in the face like any self-respecting super hero his stupid ring makes a fist and punches you. The fact that Ben and I argue this shows that we are both dorks of high standing. Ben's the bigger dork because he likes the Green Lantern.

I bet this dude left this room tasting cotton.

I like it that video game companies are beginning to promote the 1st person shooter to the female demographic.

Here's to hoping your Monday doesn't suck.


Samantha said...

Agreed. The Green Lantern sucks. (This comment is left for Ben's sake -- I know he will call in order to call me out, I also know I won't remember saying this).

As for the Call of Duty - OFFENSIVE, but I laughed anyway.

Joseph said...

Is it really offensive if you laugh?

Ben Hamaker said...

You two are aware, of course, that I know where the two of you live.