Thursday, March 26, 2009

The BCV Bible.

I used to need the Bible to be like a cook book. If you follow the instructions, add ingredients, and cook just so at the right temperature a beautiful quiche comes out of the oven. If this is the Bible you are looking for you are in for disappointment.

I recently taught through a story about Jesus from Matthew 15:21-28. (Read it. Then blurt out the first response you have.) It pains me to say Jesus does not look too hot in this story. This is not the flannel board Jesus gathering the little children to him of Sunday School. Jesus here puts a lady through some unnecessary stuff. He ignores and insults her. I have to say I like the lady's moxie. She ignores his disciples and she ignores all the things he does to drive her away. Her daughter was possessed and this was her last hope. There was nothing else. This was desperate faith and it was rewarded. The story ends well.

But I have been haunted by Jesus in this. I have searched for explanations for his behavior. I have tried to find a defense for behavior that at every glance and every way is indefensible. What I end up with is a big bag of nothing and more questions. I'm at a place in my journey with God where that is OK. Here is a place where Jesus doesn't look too good. Another instance is the story of Job. God doesn't look too good here either. And yet I still try to follow. Faith is a funny thing. It is counter-intuitive. Intellect (and all the emotions that go with it) can only carry you a mile in your journey. Faith takes you the other million. The woman in the story was rewarded for her faith. Her daughter was healed because of her faith. I don't know how much she liked Jesus during those tense moments. There have been times I don't like God. But in the end she knew this was her only chance her daughter had for peace. She was not deterred.

Yeah, me too.

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