Thursday, February 5, 2009

One day you'll regret it...

Shawn recently posted a picture of himself that is embarrassing. For him anyway. It's funny to me. I wasn't embarrassed at all. He got me to thinking about all of the pictures that I have of me that are embarrassing. Here are a few.

Notice the disembodied head at the bottom. That is Shawn. And his mullet. 1993. That's me with suspenders and tennis shoes. This was the night that I asked Kara out for the first time. Well her brother actually asked her out for me. Uninvited. He's the ginger kid on the right. He's retarded.

That's me when I still had my figure and before I had kids. Kids are rough on the hips. I was kind of shapely. Oh for the days when I could be a size 10 again.

I was 15. This was the year book photo from my 9th grade year. They misspelt my name and had me in the 8th grade with Shawn. I seriously hated that place for a time.

Wondering what happened to this kid? Did he get bitten by a weird 3-fanged snake? Nope. He was running with a fork.

Mom. Just take the fork out. God would want you to take the fork out I'm sure. Here's a little PSA: Don't run with utensils. The next time it could be salad tongs.
I really hope that you enjoy these. I have a post ruminating in my noggin about Jesus. He's nice.


Shawn Stinson said...

I'm proud that "Shawn's mullet" is one of the tags on your blog.

Anonymous said...

That fork picture still makes my nose hurt. Seriously.

Jamie said...

My first impression is that there is some Far East in your family tree.

My second impression is that I don't remember knowing you when you looked like that but I did.