Friday, February 20, 2009

The Dangling Carrot(top)

Here I am sitting at work. Discussion starts about getting a $7500.00 check from the government for being a 1st time home buyer as part of the stimulus package passsed last July. I think to myself, "Hey I'm a first time home buyer. I've done my part for the economy. I have not been like the rest of the sheep in our economy and quit spending because I have been told that the world is going to end. I bought a house. I should get some of that money." One of the girls that works here is putting new windows in her house. She closed May1, 2008.

But then I hear that the cutoff date to receive this money is April. I call Kara to see when we closed and suspecting the worst. I was rewarded for my pessimism with the call back that we had closed March 20, 2008. I started to get really bummed by the idea that we had missing out because we couldn't read the crystal ball and wait until April. Before I knew the cutoff time I really started feeling as if I had earned that money. "I bought a house even in these uncertain times. I am a hero!! I just want to know where the gold at." (If you get the chance do yourself a favor and go to YouTube and search for "Leprechaun in Mobile". You will see the dude above and he is awesome.)
And then it hit me.

I am a fiscal conservative that has ranted and raved about bailouts and stimulus packages and the latest that Premiere Obama has signed into law, the "porkulus package." I don't think that any good can come from the government being involved in the market. I don't think that the government should take over health care. I don't think that the government should pay for my children to go to college. I will vote for a guy (or gal) that will give me a list of ways that he is going to stay out of my life and my wallet. I don't need to be saved. You want to know about change I can believe in. Shrinking federal government and expanding personal responsibility and accountability.

All of the above I have said in public. I believe all of that crap. And I was getting angry because I was not getting money that I felt like I was entitled to. What did I do to deserve this money? I bought a house where my children could play in the back yard and would not have to live in a van down by the river.

Ah the dangling carrot of socialism. It is a pretty carrot. But who is dangling it? Why are they dangling it? It almost had me.


Ben Hamaker said...

Crap! Joe, Karl! He's on to us!

*drops carrot-on-a-stick*

To the Commie Mobile!

Jamie said...

First, let's leave Carrottop and his strangely alluring form out of this.

Second, it's Premier Obama.

Third, in the words of Gloria Estefan, herself a product of communism - "The rhythm is gonna getcha."

Randy said...

Ah. Carrots do not taste all that great anyway.