Monday, August 24, 2009

Yesterday in History.

Yesterday in history...08/23

1973: I was born in a little hospital in Bessemer, AL. 8 lbs 6 oz, 21" long and man was it hot in there.

1978: I turned 5. I had some crazy notion that I was going to be a big boy when I turned 5. The image I had of me as a big boy was same size body but with a neck long enough that I would be as tall as my father. I woke up that morning relieved and dissapointed at the same time.

1983: Had a birthday party at Putt-Putt golf in Hoover, AL. I was in love with Christy Hugeley. She was at my party. I got a BB gun from my father. A Red Rider BB gun. Life was looking freaking sweet as I entered double digits.

1989: Got my drivers liscence on the 2nd try. Going into the 10th grade at West Blocton High School. I freaking hated that place. I looked like this. It is a wonder that more girls did not find me attractive. My grandmother bought me a 1965 AMC Rambler. I was the king of the world.

1991: This was the first time I had to go to school on my birthday. I started what would be a trend on that first day of my senior year and skipped school to register to vote and register with the selective service. I had to drive to Montgomery to get a real birth certificate to make me eligible to play football that year. The fate of the team rested on me being eligible. I was the star tailback on the team. By that I mean I would get my helmet and try to run on the field and Coach Carrol would yell, "KINNAIRD! GET YOUR TAILBACK ON THE BENCH!!" I was a senior at West Blocton High School. I freaking loved that place.

1993: I was in love with Kara Fowler. She took me to Outback. Life was looking freaking sweet as I entered my 3rd decade.

1999: 25. Been married to the little philly in the picture to the left for 4 months. She was just beginning to realize the mistake she made. I counted myself fortunate to fool her long enough to get her to marry me. I had been out of college for 2 years and was drilling water wells at golf courses with my dad. Who says a BA in History/English wasn't going to pay off.

2003: Entered my 4th decade. On May 13th of that year my mom died of cancer. It was horrible and there is not a birthday that goes by that I don't miss her. Feeling my own mortality I conviced Kara that it was time to make a baby. And make a baby we did. Kara told me at Camp Booth in Bibb County, AL that she was ready to have a baby. With me. This was on a Saturday. Good thing she was ready because we found out she was knocked up the next Monday. I started this beard soon after that.

2009: Celebrated the 36th anniversary of being alive. Got two kids, a wife that gets more beautiful as the days go by, pushing 250 lbs, got a bad back and too many greys in my hair to count, students that I adore to work with at Westwood Baptist Church, a full tank of gas and a half a pack of cigarettes (just kidding about the cigarettes). Life is looking pretty freaking sweet right now.


Edward G. Roberts said...

You are too modest: you didn't even make mention of that epic mullet! When did it finally go? Had to be sometime before Outback...

Margo Redding said...

Happy Belated birthday!

Ben said...

Aw, it's so nice that nurse cared enough to walk the poor disfigured blind man out to his car. Little did they know assassins with bubble guns were waiting just outside the doors.