Monday, July 20, 2009

When is the bartender going to arrive.

This is not me by the way.

I recently (today) went to St. Vincents for a procedure. Two nerves that run down the back of my left leg have been angry with the world since Memorial Day. I have a herniated disk at the bottom of my back. I think this block is making things feel a little better even now although it will take about 3-5 days to feel the full effect.

I had wanted to blog when they gave me the happy juice today because I would be interested what I would write stoned. Alas I never got the chance. But I will try to give you a snapshot of the most interesting part of the day.

I am in the OR (Operating room for people who don't watch ER). I have rolled onto my stomach as per instructions. Now they allowed me the dignity of keeping my tightywhiteys on (now I have answered that question for you, you're welcome). Then they pulled the shorts down a little and proceeded to wash the area.

Nurse: This is going to be a little cold OK.
Me: OK

Now if you are ever in the situation I was in earlier when a nurse says something is going to be a little cold what they really mean is they are going to pour liquid nitrogen on your back.

Now all of this is happening and no happy shot. You know the shot that allows them to do anything to you and you don't care.

Then after they wash the area they leave me there "bottoms up" so to speak and start talking about the days they have had. I listened to this for a couple of minutes then:

Me: As much fun as this is I was just wondering when the bartender is going to arrive.

Then the bartender arrived and gave me his concoction and the next thing I knew I was getting to eat cheese and crackers in the recovery room.

And I think my back is starting to feel a little better.


Chris Barnette said...

For a minute there I thought you had shaved your beard, I hope this helps

Lance said...

You the man! Hope you get to feeling better.