Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Politics, cliches, and guns.

Love them. I love commercials. I am a fan of cliche. There are certain things you have to say if you want to get elected in this state. Here is a non-comprehensive list.

1. "Insert Name Here" believes in conservative, family values.
Never once does this person say what these are. Are we wired up knowing these. If I don't know what these are am I a gay? Or a communist? Or both?
2. "Insert Name Here" is not involved in insider Montgomery politics.
Whew, that's a relief.
3. "Insert Name Here" is not a trial lawyer. What is so evil about trial lawyers? Other than the obvious. When the gay communists come to get your guns you are going to want a really good trial lawyer.
4. "Insert Name Here" believes in God.
Really? Which one? Jehovah? Buddha? Spaghetti Monster? Tom Cruise?
5. "Insert Name Here" is pro-family.
As if the other person is anti-family and wants to herd them into gas chambers.

Below is a video of Dale Peterson. Dale Peterson is running for something. I am so voting for this guy. It would be like R. Lee Ermey being AG Commissioner.  He makes Tim James look like a gay communist.

If you don't vote don't complain. If you don't vote for Dale Peterson you are a "Insert Name Here".


Chris Barnette said...

I don't "give a rip" about this guy? I wonder where that saying comes from. I loved the shotgun and cowboy get up as well..where are we getting all these clowns from anyway? Good stuff dude..

Lance said...

He has my vote.