Monday, January 11, 2010


I've spent some time in one during the last 2 weeks. One night after a slight complication during back surgery (apparently leaking spinal fluid is a big deal) and then some heart problems. As for the heart problems I still don't know what that was all about. It would just jump rhythm.

Overall I spent 4 nights in the hospital. Being alone gives you the opportunity to think things over. Being alone in the hospital gives you a chance to think about one's mortality. Here is the sum of what I thought while in the hospital.


That's it. Nothing. I vegged and feasted on hospital food and pain killers (Demerol, morphine, hydrocodone, Ambien). Perhaps the painkillers were the reason for the brain dead-ness. Here's hoping.

I did come to a realization. If I don't try to get into a shape other than round or pear I am going to die sooner than I really want to.

As for blogging. I haven't done it with any regularity as of late. I am promising nothing but I am going to try. There are a lot of people that have missed my little ramblings as late (OK maybe 2 people) and I would not want to deprive them my wit any longer. My next blog will be about a bizarre dream I had the other night. As a teaser I will give an image.

That's me on the top row middle. #86. 1991. 165 lbs. Tackling machine.

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