Saturday, November 29, 2008

It feels like 1992 all over again.

Let me explain.
If my math is right this was 16 years ago. I looked something like this

or this

Either way it was a long time ago. She is still really pretty.
Me not so much.
But I digress.
It really feels a lot like 1992 on at least 2 fronts.
1. I am not so pleased that we have elected a socialist for president. There was a time in my life when I feared that the Commies were going to take us by force (See Red Dawn or The Day After...these movies made my blood run cold when I was but a wee lad in the heady days of the early to mid '80's). But now I see that we will keep electing them. And while I'm at it services like roads, teachers, fire service, police service, etc are not socialism. Empires have the very same things. They just keep the proletariat happy. Wait a minute....Either way I was in the same frame of mind as a freshman at the University of Alabama in the fall of 1992. But I survived fairly well up to this point and I imagine that I will forge on into the future.
2. Alabama is undefeated and #1 as God intended. Alabama beat Auburn 17-0 in 1992. I missed the biggest play of the game because I was going to get Cokes for my friend Dale and I. We were ushers at Legion Field in the North endzone where they usually put the visitors. Alabama just lately beat Auburn 36-0. We were not there but I was with Dale. I didn't miss any of the big plays although I did have to go to the bathroom several times. I pee a lot when I am nervous. Is that weird.
3. In 1992 I wanted to be a teacher of English and History somewhere. God changed my plans. I was restless then. I am restless now. I feel that there is something on the horizon.
Either way it is feeling a lot like 1992 for me. Some of you may remember 1992. It was a wonderful time to be alive. 2008 aint so shabby either.


Kristi said...


Anonymous said...

I was 4 years old in '92 so I don't remember much.

But - yes Kara is still beautiful and you are still Joseph.

Socialism. Eh.

Bama is back - and we're all very happy. Unless you're an Auburn fan - but in that case your opinion doesn't matter very much anyway.

Jamie said...

The people have spoken. Deal.

In 1992, I developed a fear of ladybugs and went to my first Rated R movie on a date - Basic Instinct. Mistake.

Anonymous said...

I went to see Basic Instinct on a date in 1992 also. Also my first Rated R movie. Also a mistake!! See how much Jamie and I have in common!

Jamie said...

We are kindred hearts Kara!